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For generations, people from countries across the globe have dreamed of living in the United States. Hence, as the world has become increasingly complex, so has immigration

In the immigration process, there is no space for mistakes. Your status may be put at risk by a single error or missed deadline and make you vulnerable to deportation or removal. At Cardenas Islam Law Group, our immigration lawyers in New York provide extensive services for immigration. In this forever evolving legal area, we concentrate on immigration law and keep up with every amendment.

From securing a visa to criminal immigration defense assistance, our immigration lawyers serving clients across New York are committed to delivering exceptional support. We know that the immigration process can seem daunting and we are here to provide the support you need in all your immigration matters to achieve a positive outcome.

U.S. Immigration Law

The immigration law of the United States regulates who can enter the U.S., how long one can stay, what they are allowed to do while in the country, and when they have to leave. Immigration law also governs who may be admitted and become permanent residents of the U.S.

The U.S. Congress passes laws and changes the laws that control nearly all immigration periodically. International laws, such as the area of political asylum, regulate some restricted areas of the immigration system. Immigration law matters are handled under the Federal level aren’t regulated by State law.

Immigration Practice Areas 

From visas to green cards to deportation, our team of experts has expertise in every field of immigration law. Our attorneys remain up-to-date on all important legal developments and have the expertise to deal with the most complex family-based immigration cases, visas for foreign employees, DACA cases, deportation, business/investor visas, and path to green card and naturalization questions.

The immigration law areas we cater to include:

  • Green cards — Cardenas Islam Law Group provides knowledgeable assistance to men and women seeking green cards to help them become permanents residents.
  • Visas - We will help you obtain a visa for entry if you or someone you love is interested in visiting the U.S. Although a visa does not allow entry into the U.S. alone, it is an important step in the process of traveling to the U.S. For several reasons, such as tourism, medical care, research, or job, general visas are usually issued.
  • Prosecuted individuals — Depending on whether they have arrived here or are still in another country, individuals fleeing persecution from their home country can enter the U.S. and stay as a refugee or an asylum seeker. Our lawyers can assist people in such situations and fight for their rights.
  • Naturalization — There are several benefits of becoming a naturalized citizen. Without the aid of a professional New York immigration lawyer, the naturalization process can be extremely complicated. Any mistakes or missed deadlines when you are in the naturalization process can set you back and reduce your chances of gaining U.S. citizenship.
  • Employment-based visas — We advise people who want to continue their careers in the U.S and businesses who need to optimize their capacity for certain types of employees. Our law firm team manages H-1B visas, employment-related immigration, and PERM (Program Electronic Review Management).

Helping you in becoming a U.S. Citizen

You've come to the right place if you're striving to obtain citizenship. In helping clients become U.S. citizens, our professional immigration lawyers are highly experienced. Becoming a U.S. citizen has many advantages, and our firm aims to help you achieve those goals. The citizenship process may seem lengthy and complicated, but the process can be made far simpler with the aid of our firm’s immigration attorneys.

Consult with our New York Immigration Lawyers

The lawyers at Cardenas Islam Law Group will give you the exceptional advice and service you deserve if you need the answer to a common question or urgent legal assistance for a pending immigration matter.

Our task is to help clients find the right way through the process, no matter what it takes. We also acknowledge that all clients have specific requirements, which is why we are dedicated to providing individualized service and personalized representation. We want to help you meet them, whatever your requirements are.